2010 Keynote Speakers

Werner Bohleber, training analyst, German Psychoanalytical Association, is one of the strongest minds in international psychoanalysis: keynote speaker for the Berlin IPA Congress, cochair for Europe of the IPA Research Advisory Board, editor of psyche, winner of the Sigourney Award 2007. Werner Bohleber is uncompromising in facing difficult subjects head on: adolescence and young adulthood; identity and theory of the self; history of psychoanalysis in Germany; transgenerational consequences of the Nazi period and the war; nationalism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism; trauma and violence; religious fundamentalism, terror and terrorism.

Paul Denis, training analyst, Paris Psychoanalytic Society, IPA Board of Representatives, past editor, Revue française de psychanalyse, founder of the series Psychanalystes d’aujourd’hui (Psychoanalysts of Today), is one of the clearest writers and presenters on clinical and conceptual theory in international psychoanalysis. Child and adult analyst, moderator/researcher EPF Working Party on Implicit Theory, he is a co-author of “The Map of Private (Implicit and Explicit) Theories” (2006), in J. Canestri (Ed.), Psychoanalysis: From Practice to Theory. Paul Denis is a brilliant French Freudian who engages with force and clarity in the most subtle and wide-ranging of current psychoanalytic debates on mastery and satisfaction, depression, the phobias, or breastfeeding to understand what leads to therapeutic action.   A few references to some of Denis’ works which appear in English can be found here.


Antonino Ferro, training analyst, Italian Psychoanalytical Institute, European editor of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis 2004–2008, editor-in-chief of the Italian Yearbook of the IJP, is among the most prolific and sought after writers and presenters in international psychoanalysis. Dr. Ferro is on the Editorial Board of psychoanalytic journals in France, Portugal, Argentina, and the United Kingdom, and chair for Europe of the 47th IPA Congress, 2011. Clinical researcher in the EPF Working Party on Comparative Clinical Methods and winner of the Sigourney Award (2007), Dr. Ferro travels throughout the three regions of the IPA, presenting a sophisticated interweaving of Bionian thought and field theory with an approach that deepens
our understanding of the analytic encounter.


Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, training analyst, German Psychoanalytical Association, director of the Sigmund Freud Institute Frankfurt, and chair of the IPA Research Subcommittee for Clinical, Conceptual, Historical, and Epistemological Research, fosters a powerful integration of empirical research and psychoanalysis proper. Typical of her many current projects, Dr. Leuzinger-Bohleber organized an IPA workshop with the Psychology Department of Stockholm University on “Clinical, Conceptual and Empirical Research on Unconscious Processes.” In Toronto, she will present her acclaimed research project, “Psychosocial Disintegration (e.g., ADHD) in Preschool Children: A Psychoanalytic and Interdisciplinary Prevention and Intervention Program.”



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